CRC-Infographic_top.PNGColorectal Cancer Screening

Quality Insights, in partnership with the Delaware Division of Public Health, is leading a quality improvement initiative to increase colorectal cancer screening rates in Delaware. Early detection saves lives! 

Colorectal Cancer Resources

  • CRCS Project - Memorandum of Understancing & Business Associate

  • 80% by 2018 Pledge - National ColorectalCancer Roundtable
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening Training: Protocols, Pop-ups & Polyps (PPT)
  • Screening for Colon Cancer (webinar recording)
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening: Is an updated age guideline in the near future?
  • FluFIT Program
  • No-Cost Patient Navigation for Cancer Screening - DE Division of Public Health
  • Colon Cancer Screening Saves Lives Infographic
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        - Creole
  • Colorectal Cancer: e-Learning at Your Fingertips