Project Resources for Employers


cardiac-01.jpgPrevention and Control of Hypertension, High Cholesterol:

Provide information regarding the HHA-BPSM program with information on how to enroll in the program.
    - Healthy Heart Ambassador Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring (HHA-BPSM)       
      Program Self-Referral

    - HHA-BPSM Program Volunteer Facilitator Recruitment Flyer
    - Blood Pressure Measurement Instructions

DiabetesSelfCare-01.jpgPrevention and Control of Diabetes and Prediabetes:

Provide ROI and other information regarding insurance coverage for DSMES & National Diabetes Prevention Program.
    - Return on investment tool to support the decision to make National DPP
      and DSMES a covered benefit for your employees
    - Prediabetes Risk Assessment
    - National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) Flyer
    - Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) Flyer and DE Site


Infection-01.jpgCancer Screening and

Actively encourage and recommend preventive cancer screening (preventive care should be a free service with your insurance plans).
    - Employer Breast Cancer Toolkit
    - Breast Cancer Screening Saves Lives Infographic
    - Colon Cancer Screening Saves Lives Infographic
    - Cervical Cancer Screening Saves Lives Infographic
    - Lung Cancer Screening Saves Lives Infographic
    - Smoking Quitline Poster


Community Health Workers (CHWs) engage with females ages 15-44 (child bearing age) to screen for SDOH and refer them to social services, medical care, insurance, and other needs.  CHWs engage with clients on a regular basis to ensure needs are met and address barriers.  Goals are set. 
    - Maternal Health Project - Recruitment Flyers:
        -  New Castle County: English and Spanish
        -  Kent & Sussex Counties: English and Spanish


Education can be provided to health/wellness teams.  Additionally, CHWs can help address questions at wellness events and help people sign up for vaccinations/boosters.

    - Facts About the COVID-19 Vaccine - General Public Fact Sheet