Improving Cancer Screening Rates in Delaware

Early Detection = Better Outcomes

DE-Public-Health-E-Learn-Courses-web-graphic.pngQuality Insights is spearheading an exciting cancer screening quality improvement effort that may be of interest to your practice. We have been working with 40+ physician practices in Delaware to date and now have the capacity to enroll a limited number of new practices to join Quality Insights in this important initiative to improve the early detection and prevention of cancer. 

We are currently focused on increasing screenings for the following cancer types:
   •  Breast Cancer
   •  Cervical Cancer
   •  Colorectal Cancer
   •  Lung Cancer

Quality Insights is also spearheading a Cancer Survivorship initiative for medical providers to improve survivorship care and the quality of life for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer.

ImproveHealthSafety-01.jpgBenefits of Participation:

  •  Five hours per month of on-site support to improve
      your cancer screening rates for the calendar year
  •  Identification of your patients who are past due for
      cancer screenings
  •  Cancer screening reminder postcards sent to patients
                                             overdue for screening(s) during their birthday month
                                          •  Quarterly e-newsletters highlighting updates on
                                              screening policies, national data, webinars, podcasts,
                                              and local cancer related events
                                          •  Monthly NQF data report detailing your practice’s
                                              progress towards improving your cancer screening
                                          •  Assistance with creating:
                                                - Cancer screening clinical decision support (CDS)
                                                   reminders in your EHR; and
                                                - Cancer screening protocol
                                          •  Opportunity to be highlighted as a Delaware Success
                                              Story to both the DE Department of Public Health and
                                              the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
                                          •  Assistance with implementation of a FluFIT campaign or
                                             Cologuard campaign

approval-01.pngRequirements to Participate:

   •  Designate an individual to act as the primary contact             with Quality Insights
   •  Address cancer screenings with your 
       patient population 
   •  Submit baseline, annual (12 months) and monthly
                                              quality reports for NQF 0034, NQF 0032 and NQF 0031
                                          •  Participate in a workflow analysis regarding current
                                              cancer screening processes with the practice
                                          •  Implement a minimum of two evidence-based cancer
                                              screening interventions in the next five years
                                          •  Share provided education materials with your staff and,
                                              as appropriate, patients

Education-01.jpgProject Resources

  •  Cancer Screening Project Flyer
  •  Strong and Sufficient Evidence-Based
      Interventions for Increasing Breast, Cervical and
      Colorectal Cancer Screening (Flyer)
  •   DE Public Health Series e-Learns - Courses include
                                              Colorectal Cancer Screening, Screening for Life,
                                              Motivational Interviewing, Medication Therapy
                                              Management, and more!
                                          •  Health Equity Infographic

                                          •  Patient Portal Advantages
                                          •  Screening for Life: Program Overview (recording)
                                          •  Cancer Screening Reminder Postcards
                                          •  Screening for Life - patient flyer (English)
                                                  - Spanish version
                                                  - Creole version

QI-01.jpgContact Us

Quality Insights encourages your practice to join us in this important initiative. This work creates a foundation for your practice’s quality improvement efforts, as well as prepares your practice for future value-based payment models.

If you are interested in joining this project or would like more information, please email Sarah Toborowski or call 1.302.290.9049.