child-with-inhaler-and-spacer_banner-(1).jpgPennsylvania Pediatric Asthma Control Program

Practices that treat children often see many patients with asthma on a daily basis. Like most clinicians, your resources are limited and you need to maximize your resources.

Quality Insights, under an agreement with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania  Department of Health, and funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), offers NO COST ASSISTANCE to eligible Federally Qualified Health Centers, health care systems and independent private practices to improve individual patient care and overall population health for asthma.  The goals of the initiatives are to assist sites in the prevention and treatment of exacerbations for patients with asthma.

Clinical Areas of Focus

Pediatric Asthma

ccare-small.jpgCCARE, Controlling Childhood Asthma and Reducing Emergencies, is CDC’s new objective of preventing 500,000 Emergency Department (ED) visits and hospitalizations due to asthma by August 31, 2024.

EXHALE.jpgCDC’s National Asthma Control Program (NACP) and its partners help people with asthma achieve better health and improved quality of life. NACP developed EXHALE, a set of six strategies that each contribute to better asthma control.


How We Do It: 

  - Workflow assessment and analysis
  - Analysis of process and outcome measures or chart review in lieu of clinical
    quality measures
  - Optimize the use of your electronic health record (EHR)/health information
    technology (HIT)
  - Action Plan creation and execution
  - Integration of data and quality outcomes
  - Educational resources for staff and patients
  - Quality improvement technical assistance to achieve goals
        * Monthly virtual visit
        * Support via phone or email
        * Annual data analysis and workflow assessment reports 
        * Assistance with:
               - Patient engagement
               - Proactive asthma management workflows
               - Promoting patient portal usage
               - Practice educational seminars/webinars

Cost to Participate

There is NO COST to your organization to participate in this program.
Please contact Robina Montague, RN at if you are interested in participating or if you have any questions.