Improving Cancer Screening Rates in Pennsylvania

PA-Breast-Cancer-Screening-Rates.pngQuality Insights is leading an exciting cancer screening quality improvement effort in Pennsylvania. We are working with physician practices across the state and have the capacity to enroll a limited number of new practices to join Quality Insights in this important initiative to improve the early detection and prevention of cancer starting in July 2022.
We are currently focused on increasing screenings for the following cancer types:
    •  Breast cancer
    •  Cervical cancer

Quality Insights is a mission-driven non-profit PA-Cervical-Cancer-Screening-Rates.pngorganization that improves health and health care quality and equity.  Quality Insights Practice Transformation Specialists work with practices to improve breast and cervical cancer screening rates by providing onsite and virtual support to implement evidence- based interventions. 

Participation in this work creates a foundation for practices quality improvement efforts and prepares practices for future value-based payment models.

checkmark.pngBenefits of Participation

            •  On-site or Virtual Support

            •  Identification of Patients Due or Overdue for Cancer Screenings

            •  Ongoing Technical Assistance

            •  Patient Reminder Campaigns

            •  e-Newsletters

            •  EHR Assistance

            •  Evidence-based Workflow Modification Assistance

            •  Proven Results

checkmark.pngParticipation Requirements

            •  Execute a Memorandum of Understanding/Business Associate

            •  Designate an individual to act as the primary contact for Quality Insights

            •  Identify a site champion for cancer screening quality improvement

            •  Establish standing meetings with Quality Insights

            •  Submit baseline NQF 31 (or 2372) and NQF 32 reports

            •  Submit quarterly and annual NQF report

            •  Complete the CDC’s Breast and Cervical Annual Clinic Data Forms

            •  Participate in annual workflow assessment regarding current cancer
               screening processes within the practice

            •  Complete EBI implementation plan

resource_book.pngProject Resources

            •  Cancer Screening Project Flyer

            •  Strong and Sufficient Evidence-Based Interventions for Increasing Breast
               and Cervical Cancer Screening

            •  Cancer Screening Reminder Postcards (Customizable)
                   -  Breast Cancer
                   -  Cervical Cancer

           •  Patient Facing Small Media - Breast Cancer


phone.pngContact Us

Quality Insights encourages your practice to join us in this important initiative. 
If you are interested in joining this project, or would like more information, please email Sarah Toborowski or call 1.302.290.9049.