Pennsylvania Department of Health 

Diabetes Control & Prevention, Hypertension and Cholesterol Management Project

Primary care practices often treat many patients with hypertension, diabetes and prediabetes on a daily basis. Like most clinicians, your resources are limited and you need to maximize your resources.

Quality Insights, under an agreement with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health, continues to offer NO COST ASSISTANCE to eligible health care systems and independent private practices to improve individual patient care and overall population health for chronic diseases.

Clinician-Engagement-01.jpgClinical Areas of Focus:

  * Prediabetes and Diabetes
  * Blood Pressure Control and Hypertension
  * Cholesterol Management Services tailored to YOUR 
     practice needs:
                                     * Workflow analysis
                                     * Analysis of process and outcome measures
                                     * Optimize the use of your electronic health record
                                        (EHR)/health information technology (HIT)
                                     * Integration of data and quality outcomes enhancing your
                                        Quality Payment Program and PA Promoting
                                        Interoperability participation
                                     * Education resources for staff and patients
                                     * Quality improvement guidance

cardiac-01.jpgHow It Works:

  * Practices will pay nothing and will receive assistance
     from Quality Insights experts
  * Onsite assistance is available, plus phone & email support
  * An agreement with Business Associate Addendum is
                                        signed that outlines the role of your practice & Quality

QI-01.jpgJoin Us

Quality Insights is actively recruiting more practices throughout the state to join this initiative. Download the project flyer for more details.

If you are interested in participating in this project or have
                                  any questions about this work, please email Ashley Biscardi at abiscardi@qualityinsights.org or call 1.877.346.6180, Ext. 137.